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last updated May 23 th, 2014

A Christian in Prison -  one gets there easier than expected.

Sometimes people get caught up within the wheels of justice easily. The way out isnīt that easy. Paul`s case might gain some media attention, as it is presently in revision. But this shall not be discussed here.

Paulīs time in jail has been used by him to write about 130 songs. This CD features just a small selection of them. They have been recorded under less than perfect conditions with a MD-recorder.


Also in his time in jail Paul has been kindly supported by BEHRINGER. With their help he has accumulated quite an amount of equipment, which through the years has developed into a small recording studio in the midst of the prison. This is how and where the titles on this CD were produced.


Because Paul has no capacity or permission for using a PC- recording system, it is of course rather difficult to achieve a professional mix. So one should keep in mind, that the recordings had to be done "on the fly" - recording vocals and guitar at the same time. Some mistakes are therefore inevitable.


As also the compositions bear mark of, Paul has been working for many years as a Rock and Blues guitarist. He wrote all of the texts, which sometimes show influences of his Christian faith.

He doesnīt consider himself a singer and says that others can do much better, but there in prison he didnīt have much of a choice and so chose to sing himself. When he is released, he will delegate the vocals to other people. Letīs hope heīll soon have that opportunity.


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