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This simple chorus came out of a 24-hour-worship, which took place in a basement in Pattensen. The heavenly realm seemed to open up and  I began to play this song. I could hear singing, like an antiphony/canon.
It was beautiful, full of joy and glory and it was irresistable-you just wanted to sing and sing and sing...

This is a live-recording of the song on mp3 (appr. 6minutes).
Hope you enjoy it, even though I´m not such a good piano player.

None like Jesus-mp3

How can faith grow?

So we read in the New Testament about great faith, and 2.Thess.1:3 tells us that faith can grow. This is good news, because we do not have to settle for where we are right now, but each of us can rise to higher levels of faith.
Where does faith come from? What is it? How do we get it?
One key verse in answering some of these questions is Romans 10:17
Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of Christ.
Faith is trust, believe, conviction and faithfulness. Hearing here includes more than just something going into your ears, or do we want to assume that a deaf person can not believe? It is rather a message that we take in by our senses, which gives us insight, knowledge, information.This is not only true when it comes to spiritual things, this is how we function in general. Every day we do hundreds of things because we believe. We get on a bus, trusting the driver and the vehicle to transport us safely to where we want to go. We sit down on a chair, trusting that it will carry our weight. How can we be so sure about these things? The busdriver could be a secret drug addict, or a terrorist, wanting to kill us. The chair could have weak legs and break. But somehow we trust. Why? Because we have plenty of information and experience to influence our action. But if someone tells you the busdriver wants to kill you, even if it´s a lie, suddenly there will be some doubt and hesitancy. What has affected your trust? Information. In the previous verses in Romans 10 Paul asks the question: How can they believe without a preacher? Without a message, without information there will be no faith.
Wrong information will also lead to faith. If you keep hearing from your parents that you are of no worth and a total loser, it will have an influence on your self-esteem. The kind of faith Paul is talking about does not only come by hearing, but hearing the word of Christ!
Now the word of Christ is not like anybody elses word. God spoke and there was light! Jesus spoke and healing was! The word of God is full of His own power, it creates out of nothing.In the parable of the sower Jesus tells us that the seed is the word of God. It has power to produce, but it must be received with an open heart and held onto against the circumstances, that would want to steal it, or make it of little effect. This parable tells us that faith does not  automatically follow, just because you read the Bible or listen to sermons, but this is where it starts. Put yourself in a position, where you can hear the word of Christ. This can be in meditating over scripture verses, in hearing good preaching, in reading books or listening to testimonies. You may hear that God answers prayer and hope builds in your heart, that He may also answer you. So you pray and experience God´s help. The next time you pray, you are already more confident. Even though our faith is not based on experience, experience is still a part of it. If we first meet a person, we do not know them enough to totally trust them. As christians we need to get to know God in relationship. This doesn´t happen over night, it takes time. A seed doesn´t yield fruit over night either. It needs the right environment to grow.
But some may say, why do we need great faith? Because we want to be special?
No, because faith pleases God!!! Apart from all the good faith-deeds and all the things we can get or do through faith, this is about relationship! God loves us, He speaks to us and He wants us to trust Him. What would you think about a friend, who doesn´t believe, let alone act, on a word you say? You might assume the friend thinks you´re a liar, or corrupt and simply not trustworthy.
Unbelief grieves God, for this reason alone we should seek Him and learn to trust Him more everyday.

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