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I have been singing, writing and playing music for more than 15 years. Already as a child I loved to sing but it seriously started to take shape, after I had become a christian. I got a guitar and soon started to compose my first songs.I can´t say that I deliberately sit down to write something, it just happens. Many of the songs have come out of times of praise and worship. They are very personal, often prayers or Bible verses reflecting desires, or present needs.

The album “To Him” features the more serious songs, which have come forth during a time of personal hardship. I can still remember where I wrote some of these songs. “Miracle”, for example, I wrote in a friend´s apartment in Sweden and “Fire” in a basement in Canada. “Created” and “Look at Him” are a dialogue between God and man; they express, what I felt God wanted to say to me at the time I wrote them. I like a classical component in music, which shines through ever so often by the virtual orchestra, forming the background  in songs like “Miracle” and “Look at Him”.  Modern sound effects also find their place in “ Fire” and “Deeper than...”.This gives the album  a variety of sounds and styles and listening doesn´t become boring.

Sandy has been playing for seven years in a monthly service in the Lutheran church, leading worship in her home church and in other places, where she is invited. More about her on the Ministry site.

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