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New songs by Ian Goodwill
Two new songs by Ian Goodwill are now available.The title of this two songs is Broken Heart

At the moment we are not fabricating audio-CDs
Unfortunately it is not efficient for us to press audio- CDs because of the general decrease in CD sales. However, our productions will be available as MP3 files on the known platforms (for example I-Tunes).
Also we will offer some productions as a CDR. If there is so much interest in a production that it is worth the pressing, this will be done and we will inform the prospective buyers.

Gabriela Rosati - Born to love you - 2nd Soaking CD
Gabriela has recorded her second CD for “soaking”. In her own special way, she mixes some known and some of her own worship songs, with prayers and singing in the Spirit. The CD includes 8 titles. Soaking CD

Gabriela Rosati - CD
Gabriela has recorded some worship music for “soaking”; quiet songs, with prayers in between. The CD includes 10 well-known titles. Soaking CD

 You can also purchase single titles from the albums “Last train to heaven” and “To Him” as mp3 files through known MP3 distributors.

Some words about COPYRIGHT: Everyone should know, that musicians and their recording assistants can not create music while having to do other jobs, to be able to pay their bills. If people don´t want to pay for the music they like, then sooner or later, that music will not be there anymore and music in general will lose in variety and quality. The ones who uninhibitedly copy music and disperse it everywhere do help to make the music known, but they don´t support the musician, who has given of his time and energy.

You can also find our products at If you want to order directly, use the Pay Pal buttons in the music section of our website.

Live worship mp3 and short sermons, on the Ministry site.

Ian Live

Watch Ian and Sandy at a local TV-station.
We were pretty nervous, cause this was our first time on TV and it was Live!

Sandy Live 1

Sandy Live 2

Sandy Live 3

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